SCAS General Meeting - Wednesday February 8, 2017 - 7:30pm
At Proctor Terrace Elementary School

The Search for a Cousin of Earth: Science or Fiction?", Dr. Franck Marchis, SETI Institute
Presented by: Dr. Franck Marchis

Dr. Franck Marchis, Senior planetary astronomer at the Carl Sagan Center of the SETI Institute will discuss the search for an Earth-Like exoplanet conducted at SETI Institute in collaboration with institutions around the world. Over the past 15 years, this group led the development of the Gemini Planet Imager which had its first light 3 years ago. We announced in 2015 the direct imaging of a the first Jupiter-like exoplanet around 51 Eri b. based on this successful first instrument, we are today developing a similar camera called TIKI but capable of directly imaging an Earth-like exoplanet around one of the Alpha Centauri stars and characterize them. This powerful camera will also characterize a possible biosphere present on the surface of this terrestrial planet, answering to the fundamental question "Are We Alone?".


7:30pm - Meeting starts
7:45pm - Coffee and Snack Break
8:00pm - Program
9:00pm - Meeting concludes


Proctor Terrace Elementary School Multipurpose Room
1711 Bryden Lane
Santa Rosa, California


The entrance for parking is on Grosse Avenue through a gate. The SCAS banner will be visible. You may drive directly onto the School playground. The location of the building is directly under the "placemark" in the map below.